ybarra for idaho superintendent

Sherri Ybarra’s Top Priorities – Educate the Whole Child

21st Century Abilities

Preparing Idaho students for the future requires focusing on higher standards that implement strong speaking skills, strong writing skills, and incorporates technology in order to prepare our students for the real world of college and jobs, with 21st century skills.

Idaho’s current testing regimen needs to be examined to ensure developmentally appropriate practices. Student learning needs to remain the center of our focus. Sherri believes that business-like outputs and the practice of manufacturing students should be eliminated.


Focusing on the whole child, we need broader measures of growth and achievement that build on diverse learners. The purpose of assessments is to check students’ understanding and improve teaching. It should not be fear-based or attached to arbitrary “cut scores,” or specifications.

Sherri believes in high expectations and accountability for everybody; therefore, a test that students take in the beginning of the year, and again at the end of the year, will show growth that’s developmentally appropriate to each child as an individual.

Tests are part of the learning and teaching process and we cannot avoid that; however, tests invented as a method to “police” the standards do not have the best interest of our students in mind. The standards hold us accountable, not the tests.

Sherri is a leader who knows that understanding how students learn is critical to their development.

School Safety and Support

Addressing the whole child includes ensuring their safety, and nothing is more important. Safety affects a student's ability to learn and develop. Sherri will be an advocate for training and programs that help keep kids safe, and away from drugs. Preparation and planning, along with training are some of the most critical and essential first steps a school can take. Sherri agrees with many of the Idaho School Safety Task Force recommendations.

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